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Professional IT products and services for pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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for pharmacies

The S4U system is a management software dedicated to pharmacies and pharmacy chains aimed at maximising efficiency and profitability and thanks to process automation, it allows the reduction of human labour.

The online tool enables taking actions in any pharmacy in real time. We save time and maximise profitability with ready-to-use and customised statements.

Verification of your business profitability and efficiency with the granularity of a single product, at the click of a button.

We enable your profit, order and purchase management independently and consciously based on accurate transaction data.

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Transfers – oszczędź czas
and increase the chance of selling an item once purchased

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Warehouse transfers module

Goods that are missing in one pharmacy are backlogged in another that’s a problem which most chains report. S4U helps to optimise stock levels through automatic stock analysis and transfers.

Individually configurable algorithm for detecting pharmacy surpluses and shortages

Calculation of a frozen capital amount in surplus stocks that can be released by triggering transfers

Fully automated transfers overview with the possibility of making individual adjustments to quantities per pharmacy and SKU

Automatic shortage detection

S4U system creates a list of pharmacy surpluses and shortages based on an individually defined algorithm.

A virtual surplus warehouse is created for each pharmacy, from which goods can be retrieved if necessary.

Surpluses are indicated with the accuracy of a single pack. For all surpluses, the amount of frozen capital is calculated, which can be released by making transfers recommended by the system.

Returns module

S4U helps to identify products purchased in excess which can still be returned to the wholesaler to prevent backlogs.

A returns analysis can be performed at the level of a single pharmacy or the entire chain.

The mechanism for classifying goods to return takes into account individual terms and conditions negotiated with the wholesaler.

The summary is presented with the accuracy of a single SKU pack.

It contains practical suggestions for making the right decision on return, such as purchase date, expiry date, stock status for the SKU and indication of excess in stock, if any.

Financial performance track
and compare chains and individual pharmacy performance in real time

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S4U helps to identify and respond to each individual pharmacy problems in real time.

Reports make it possible to compare pharmacy performance and determine whether a problem is local or chain-wide. They also make it easier to pinpoint the source of a problem, e.g.: fewer patients, lower sales per patient, inadequate prices, rising purchasing prices, reduced profitability on a particular assortment group.

Profitability analysis for the entire chain divided to individual pharmacies.

An in-depth profitability analysis per producer and product group.

Identification of the TOP most and least profitable products over a selected period of time.

Possibility to narrow down the profitability analysis to a list of goods or a single SKU.

Possibility to generate a profitability analysis with editable fixed costs.

Profitability simulations for a selected time period.

Possibility to set and track a quarterly target achievement level.

A split into assortment groups according to the reimbursement factor.

Central orders - maximise your chain's purchasing potential 

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Prices reduction thanks to purchases accumulation

Control and optimisation of ordered amounts

Expense reduction by replacing part of the purchases with transfers

Central orders is an intuitive solution for making real savings and streamlining purchase administration.
Here's what you'll achieve.

Set up and monitor all your contracts online

Set up producer contracts and monitor their progress day by day

Automatically prepare a shortage list for each contract

Monitor your work with manufacturers, wholesalers and employees

Involve all pharmacists in contract work

Forecast a real profit of your collaborations, determining the costs and additional profit per contract/per product

Staff management module

Monitor your employees' resale

Monitor marketing campaigns execution per employee

Monitor contract processing per employee
Calculate outstanding employee bonuses per product
Find out which employee is most valuable for you

Communicate with your employees via internal mail in our System

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 Plaza - Automated pharmacy
ordering platform

The automated pharmacy ordering platform is a VMI system which enables pharmacies to automate the offer and distribution management process based on our original artificial intelligence system. This system allows the creation of dynamic offers at the pharmacy level.

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We implement the 'missing link' - a system connecting manufacturers and pharmacies

Automated pharmacy ordering system created as a tool for pharmacy-manufacturer collaboration

The ability to quickly generate and place orders with any wholesaler, an ability to compare offers, and choose the most beneficial from a pharmacy perspective

A global perspective of the commercial terms and discounts granted to the chain

With a large amount of products and pharmacies, a big simplification and and workload optimisation

An intuitive tool to facilitate daily work, maximising benefits for pharmacies

Orders based on the product and each individual chain pharmacy potential and każdej pojedynczej apteki w sieci, based on real transactional data

The ability to develop customised ordering methods according to potential and target stock size, e.g. 10-day protection, 5 item minimum and many more

No installation needed - it’s a webbased tool, accessible on PCs and mobile devices with any operating system