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Professional IT products and services for pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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What we do

We offer comprehensive systems dedicated to business management for pharmacy chains and 12,000-pharmacy market monitoring solutions for manufacturers.

We connect distribution links and increase cooperation transparency between interacting entities. 

We improve business efficiency of each participant in market flows.

By contributing to cost optimisation, we indirectly ensure improvement of healthcare access for patients.

SoftForYou for pharmacies

We offer a pharmacy management system which automates business processes.

We save time and enable you to maximise profits with ready-made and customised analytical summaries.

We verify the profitability and efficiency of your business with the granularity of a single product, at the click of a button.

We let you manage profits, orders and purchases to enable the client's business decision based on accurate transactional data.

SoftForYou for manufacturers

We report data from more than 12,000 pharmacies, enabling data tracking directly from pharmacies down to the level of a single transaction at each pharmacy.

We have our original system called PLAZA VMI
– Vendor
Managed Inventory.

We support our business partners in automation and integration of data from various sources e.g. intelligent reports.

We co-organise educational programmes tailored directly for pharmacists.

We cooperate with more than 100 chains,

12,000 pharmacies and 20 manufacturers in Poland

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